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Octobre 2019

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Baptism records for Mathurin + 3 other children

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Baptism records for Mathurin + 3 other children Empty Baptism records for Mathurin + 3 other children

Message  Leo Thib le Ven 20 Avr 2012, 3:29 pm

Still with in the church records for Chasseigne Notre dame, but for the years 1600-1618 the Baptism record for Mathurin thibault on Vue 12, can be found, in October 18 1602, again in Latin, and if what little Latin I know is OK=Baptises Mathurin Thibault son of Rg??? Thibault and Marg Barbio, (note that the 1602 at the bottom of the entry.
There are 3 other children that I found born to the couple Mathurin Thibault and Jeanne Christon, in Chasseigne and baptised in the same church for the years 1619-1660 the first is on Vue 76. for the 7th of may? 1632, was baptised ?isu son of Mathurin Thibault and Jeanne Christon (its at the top left corner of the page).

The second child I found was on Vue 81, of the same church records for the years 1619-1660 and its for the baptism of Mathurine Thibault, daughter of Mathurin Thibault, and Jeanne Christon dates to November 28 1634.

The third child I found was on Vue 89 of the same church records as above, and is for what looks like Josannia thibault daughter of Mathurine Thibault and Jeanne Christon, it dates to September 2 1637.

I also found the baptism record from Étriché for the father of Jeanne Sohier at the Archuves départementals du Maine-et-Loire-Rigistres Paroissiau et D'etat Civil for Étriche for the years 1605-1640 (avril) Batptemes vue 18, its at the bottom of the left corner of the registry page. It confirms the dates in Vincent Sohiers site as 04/04/1608 for Etienne Sohier.

As Jeanne had 6 brothers, I found them on that same site as for her, and the same years, all are listed, but I didn't take copies, or notes, but it all confirmes Vincents data.
Leo Thibault.
Leo Thib

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